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What we do

Cleaner Earth Recycling Ltd provides a unique, green response and solution to the problem of soil, stone and concrete that has been contaminated by oil and other hydrocarbons.

How we do it

Through a process known as ‘Bioremediation’, using our environmentally friendly product called OIL AWAY, which includes naturally occurring bacteria that digests hydrocarbons (oil), Cleaner Earth Recycling Ltd will decontaminate and recycle soil, stone and concrete with no residue waste and return these products to being a beneficial raw material.

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  • We use a very clean, low energy process which will reduce our client’s carbon footprint enormously.
  • Reduced overall costs.
  • No use of landfill or incineration.

Cleaner Earth Recycling Ltd has a fully licensed facility and operates to the preferred methods included in the three Waste Management Plans for Ireland introduced into law from 12th May 2015, The Eastern -Midlands Regional Waste management Plan 2015-2021, The Connaught – Ulster Regional Waste Management Plan 2015-2021 and the Southern Regional Waste Management Plan 2015-2021, following all EU Directives on Waste Management.  These plans are given legal status under the Waste Management Act 1996.


Waste Management Plans


Along with our sister company Microclean Environmental Ltd, we can offer a full service from the time of the original oil spill to the complete reinstatement of the spill site and the full recycling of contaminated materials.  This includes investigations, removal of waste and recycling of waste to become a reusable beneficial raw material.



Cleaner Earth Recycling offers the most economical solution to oil spill control and clean up available in Ireland today.

We offer a very cost effective solution for the waste producer while at the same time delivering valuable products for sustainable re-use.

We offer an innovative solution to cleaning soil, stone and concrete that has been contaminated by an escape of oil.

Total Carbon Footprint in Kg of CO2-e  - updated


Along with our sister company Microclean Environmental Ltd we can provide the following services:

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The Process

Cleaner Earth Recycling adheres totally to all EU Directives and the Waste Management Plans for Ireland in dealing with contaminated soil and stone by carrying out the following process:-

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Regional Waste Management Plans

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